Our Kansas City Custom Signs

KC Custom Signs is the city’s premier crafter of custom signage. From exterior channel letters to three dimensional interior signs, we create signage for all applications. Our company works with all types of materials, including plastics, metals and even woods. Whatever image you want your business to project, we build the signage to match. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in the signage industry. Working with clients every day that each have vastly different needs, we’ve learned to be flexible and we’ve learned that signage is important no matter your business (or event, or building, or roadway, or office…). Organizations, like signs, come in many different sizes. We’ve worked with some of Kansas City’s largest companies to produce custom signage that is both gorgeous and absolutely essential in helping potential customers find their destination. Below is a gallery of some of our work, please take a look as the images are a sample of the work we continue to do for our clients.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”51″ gal_title=”Signs”]